Anxiety & Fears

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life, which can vary from regular worries to highly distressing moments of fear. Some people may feel a heightened sense of nervousness in regards to troubling or uncertain life circumstances, while others may experience instances of extreme panic and require clinical anxiety attack treatment.

Anxiety counseling, with a life and social counselor can benefit people experiencing mild to moderate worries and nervousness. Counseling can provide support in helping you to learn practical relaxation techniques and strategies and how to incorporate these tools into your daily life. As you can begin to form new and realistic perspectives on your concerns, together we will develop specific action plans for you to deal with and get through this stressful time.

Other forms of anxiety therapy may be provided by different mental health professionals, including psychotherapists and clinical psychologists who may assist people experiencing chronic or severe anxiety, or that require panic attack therapy.

Recognizing that anxiety is a unique experience for each individual, influenced by personal experiences, coping mechanisms, and level of distress, can assist you in determining the most helpful type of support for yourself or your family member.