Counseling for Children & Teenagers

Young people can often use the support of speaking with a mental health professional, such as a counselor, child psychologist, or child therapist. At counseling connect your child or teenager will be provided with a safe and private space where they may freely discuss their concerns or difficulties. A first step in working together with children and teens is assuring them that they are not alone and that often just by talking about what is troubling them can be quite helpful.

Counseling for children and teens is grounded in empathy and respect for them as a unique individual, while providing them with the support, guidance and advice that will help them to grow into a healthy and well-adjusted young adult. Adolescents and teens, specifically, can benefit by speaking with someone other than a family member or friend about their concerns, where they may gain a more objective perspective about themselves and their individual experiences.

Life and social counseling for children and teenagers involve individual sessions with the counselor. At times, parents are invited to participate, which can allow us to gain a more in-depth view on their child’s progress and to discuss how useful strategies and techniques can be integrated into their child’s daily routine.