Group Sessions

Life and social counseling group sessions aim to support two or more people who are experiencing increased times of tension, stress and disconnection within their personal relationships. Counseling sessions for couples or families typically last for 90-minutes, allowing more time and space for each member to voice their concerns, while also being able to learn the techniques and tools that will help each person grow as an individual as well as within their relationship, or family.

Prior to finding the best source of support for you and your partner, or for your family, it is important to have an understanding of some differences between group therapy and group life and social counseling. Group therapy sessions, usually led by a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist, aim to assist people dealing with persistent and long-term problems, such as how mental illness affects relationships or families, or coping with severely distressful and traumatic experiences.

Group counseling for couples or families may be a more appropriate level of support for people who are generally well-functioning, but experiencing more mild – moderate, short-term challenges, such as lack of communication, increased conflicts, or coping with stressful life changes and situations.