Depression & Low Mood

There are challenging times in life that can have an impact on how someone feels not only about themselves, but also the world around them. Some people may say that they are feeling down or “having the blues”, while others may be experiencing depression. Understanding the difference between these various experiences can help you, or your loved one receive the appropriate level of support.

Depression typically lasts for more than two weeks and often consists of a person feeling extremely sad and exhausted, having a significant loss of drive, and a lack of interest or loss of pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable. For people who are experiencing depression they should seek help from a specialized depression therapist. Depression therapy may be provided by a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Low mood, or feeling down (“the blues”), different from actual depression, may occur due to certain disappointments in life, increased stress, or conflicts with other people. A person may feel that they are more tired, less motivated and are less productive than usual. Life and social counseling can help you through these extra challenging times. By talking about how you are feeling and what you are struggling with, you can begin to form new perspectives on your current experiences. Learning and implementing practical strategies and tools can help you to find the motivation to reengage with the meaningful and enjoyable aspects of your life, allowing you to regain your productivity and develop an overall healthier and positive outlook.